Women In Digital Playlist 2015

With so many amazing women signing up to discuss the roles and representation of women in the digital world we thought it only best to revive some of the ‘golden oldies’ – Lovely ladies who filmed with us when the campaign first began in 2015.

Women in digital today are still underrepresented. At the back end of last year only 27% of tech roles were held by women however more companies, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, were beginning to realise the importance and benefits of having a diverse workforce. As a result of this realisation there has been a change in the digital and tech industries. Companies are actively recruiting more females as well as openly publishing gender diversity statistics.

We still have some way to go however, as the pay gap between males and females still exists. 9.4% is the average full time pay gap, for every £1 males earn, we get 81p. In 2015, women made up just 7% of the world’s 100 richest tech billionaires, with a reported 30% of women leaving their mid-career position due to working conditions; low salaries, long working hours and little to no advancements.

So how do we encourage young females into the digi/tech world, and retain those that are already there? Workforce diversity and personal development programmes are obviously on the tip of our tongues, as too are mentoring schemes and networking events. Here at the Digital Recruitment Company, we are proud to have hosted three hugely successful events that brought together hundreds of incredible women from all sorts of companies. We have slurped cups of coffee and sipped flutes of champagne discussing topics such as boardroom quotas and actions being taken to capture the Millennial babies.

Thanks to the involvement of some truly inspirational women we are becoming a hot topic, with women having to go onto waiting lists for events due to the exceptional demand for tickets! But we still want more. We want to become a major player in the women in digital discussion and help create opportunities for women to network and hash out these issues and more in a warm and welcoming environment.

So here are some of the earlier videos from the campaign for you to enjoy. If you are keen to do a vlog or would like to be added to our mailing list to attend the next event please do drop us a line – we’d love to hear your thoughts and to get you involved!

Bogdana Butnar from Poke London

Marie Ellis from TVPlayer

Amanda Neylon from MacMillan Cancer Support

Rachael Pollard from Just Eat Group

Hannah Wilkinson & Jessica Crumbleholme From Publishing Executive at Cravenhill Publishing

Beth Freedman From Fallon


Lottie Whyte From Instinctif Partners

Fereniki from E-consultancy

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