Women In Digital – Masuma Rahman – Digital Project Manager – TeamSpirit

In our latest Women in Digital vlog we sit down with a lovely young lady called Masuma Rahman. Masuma is only just out of University and has landed an incredible role as Digital Project Manager in the wonderful Teamspirit agency.

In our first instalment of the mini series we hear how Masuma ended up with a career in the digital industry and what it was like studying a computer science degree at university. We touch upon how an internships helped inspire and create her interest further into digital roles and as well gaining an insight into the organisation’s tactics to encourage women into the industry.

In part of of our mini series with Masuma Rahman, Digital Project Manager at TeamSpirit, we discover how Masuma would help boost the representation of women in the digital industry. We discuss the potential of using social media to help young people engage with current social and political issues as well as the ideas of quotas and whether these should be encouraged within an organisation.

In the final instalment of Masuma Rahman’s mini series we discuss the positives of the deduction of tuition fees for various tech based courses as well as listening to advice for young students interested in launching a career in the digital industry.

We also touch briefly upon workplace discrimination and listen to Masuma’s predictions for the future on what aspects of digital she thinks will really start to take off..

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