Women In Digital – Lara Burns – Head of Digital at Age UK

Moved by the John Lewis Christmas Advert we decided to get in touch with Lara Burns who is the Head of Digital at Age UK for our latest vlog series of Women In Digital.

Lara has been in digital since the beginning, from CD-ROMs and old school flip phones right the way through to The Cloud and top of the range smart phones. It’s really interesting to hear from someone who has seen the sector evolve into what it is today.

In this episode, Lara gives us an insight into what Age UK have in the pipeline as well as discussing why Digital is such an exciting industry to build a career in.

In the second part of our interview with Lara Burns, Head of Digital at Age UK, we hear about her career highlights, advice she would give to her 22-year-old self and some predictions for 2016 trends.

Digital is generally considered a male profession however this is not the case. There are numerous females in high level positions within the industry. In our third part of our interview with Lara Burns, Head of Digital at Age UK, we discuss gender inequality within the work place and receive some advice for younger women trying to climb to the top of the digital ladder, just as she has done.

Recommended Digital courses are also discussed as well as additional extras Lara suggests would be useful to have if you are interested in a career in the Digital industry.

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