Women In Digital – Enor Anidi & Leah Ryz – UX-Ling Corner

We’ve got double the goods for you this time round! Enor Anidi and Leah Ryz sat down with us here at Digi Rec HQ to record our latest mini series. Both Enor and Leah are UX superstars and whilst they do have their own ventures together they are the brains behind UX-Ling Corner!

UX-Ling Corner is a group that offers support, mentorship and practical experience to all those UX-Lings (baby UX-ers) out there. Their events offer the opportunity to network with like minded people, gain insight into the industry and to pick the brains of talented UX-Swans. The idea is fantastic and offers a great opportunity for those of all ages who are interested in getting a foot in the door of the world of UX.

In the first part of vlog we talk about career highlights, the path they have both taken to get where they are today and what changes they think the digital sector needs to help it evolve into a bigger, better version of what we have today.

Enor Anidi and Leah Ryz, Founders of UX-Ling Corner, are back in part 2 of our women in digital mini series. Here we talk about how to boost the population of women in the industry and hear how they would advise their 22-year-old selves. Advice is also given to everyone who is looking to start a career in digital so take some notes as they’re well worth remembering.

The founders of UX-Ling Corner Enor Anidi and Leah Ryz are back! In this instalment of their women in digital vlog mini series we touch upon work place discrimination and salary bandings. What are their thoughts on creating unified bandings and how should we go about this..?

In the final instalment of the mini series with Enor Anidi and Lead Ryz of UX-Ling Corner we find out why they believe the digital world is such a great place to build a career as well as what courses they would recommend to those looking to jump into digital.

We also hear how they inspire people, of all ages and backgrounds, into digital by finding out a little bit more about UX-Ling Corner and what they aim to achieve with their group.

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