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The Digital Recruitment Company is proud to be at the forefront of the Digital Industry in the UK. Our consultants and directors regularly contribute to industry press and are asked to comment on news stories relating to the wider recruitment industry. Below are some of the articles we have been featured in. For all enquiries on press including being featured on our blog and press releases/comments, please contact Tom White at


Nutty the Squirrel

We are proud to announce the hiring of The Asoria Group’s latest superstar recruiter, Nutty T. Squirrel. Nutty continues The Asoria Group’s diverse and out of the box hiring strategy. Nutty came to the attention of The Asoria Group, when he was spotted in Waterloo Station holding up a sign saying “2:1 in Acorn Management, Coventree University Graduate, Please ask for a CV.”

fred and nutty


Recruitment – A Job For Life – #AsoriaGroup

Recruitment is an industry that divides opinion. At times it can be like marmite without much of the “love it”. However, it is a multi-billion pound industry that provides brilliant career opportunities and we love it!

As such we thought we would put together a tongue-in-cheek look at our industry to see why our nation’s next generation of great minds see recruitment as their future career.

January 2015: The CV Man is Hiring!

Our very own Waterloo station job seeker, Alfred Ajani, drew press attention again in January 2015 by going back to the same spot he job hunted with a sign reading simply: “I’m Hiring.”

Fred’s continued story was picked up again by all major press channels. Check out Fred’s continuing story on the below pages:

The Metro – “CV Man Returns with New Sign”

The Mirror – “Jobseeker who handed out CV at train station is back – but this time he’s hiring!”

Mail Online – ‘Now I’m hiring!’ Graduate who once stood in Waterloo station desperately handing out CVs now stands in the same spot looking for job-hunters to join his firm

Huffington Post – “Now I’m Hiring!” 

Digital Recruitment & Asoria Group Hire “Waterloo Station Job Seeker” – September 2014.

fred asoria


Graduate Alfred Ajani hit the headlines in August when he stood in Waterloo Station advertising himself and trying to get a job. After successfully securing several interviews, in September Alfred decided to join the Asoria Group as a PR and Events Officer. Over the following weeks, many major news outlets picked up news of Fred’s employment.  Follow the links below to follow Fred’s story:

Daily Mail – “Graduate Alfred Ajani handed dream job by passing commuter.”

Huffington Post – “Marketing Graduate Alfred Ajani lands dream job.”

Evening Standard – “Graduate’s job hunt sparks online frenzy.”

London Live – VIDEO COVERAGE – “First Day on the Job.”

ITV – “Graduate Holds up sign at train station and lands job.”

Graduate Job Market: Director Matt Churchward comments:


daily mail logo

“For the last decade the number of people obtaining a degree has steadily increased, yet many are now finding that in today’s economic climate, a white collar education can lead to a blue collar job.” Read the full article here.


‘Such grim statistics will force some young people to question the value of a university education. If three years of study leaves them with little more than a McJob, is it worth it? ’ Read the full article here. 

daily telegraph

Matt Churchward, a director of the Digital Recruitment Company, said that the “grim” statistics show that the job market for graduates is still suffering a “winter of discontent.” Read the full article here. 

CSR Friendly Recruitment Software – Director Patrick Wall comments:

globql rec

“….It has allowed us to grow both the size and breadth of our recruitment business whilst meeting carefully constructed sustainability and environmental objectives. Cloud sourcing was an essential component in this decision for us…..”
Read the full article here.


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