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digital careersChoosing the right permanent employee can be a very challenging process. At Digital Careers, part of The Digital Recruitment Company, we understand the emotional, monetary and time consuming aspects of appointing a new hire.

We ensure our sourcing and vetting procedures are second to none. Our approach to contingency recruitment is the same as our approach to executive search.

Your vacancy is unique and so is our approach. Our search technique ensures you are represented with professionalism and discretion throughout our networks. It is important that candidates have a recruitment journey that replicates the values and approach of your organisation. We can suit our process to your recruitment need and are always looking at innovative new recruitment methods, including video interview technology which further cuts down your time devotion to the recruitment process whilst still delivering the best candidates for your vacancy.

In the UK retention of staff is amongst the worst in Europe, 10% of employees leave every year. This can be down to organisational culture and / or poor management but often it will be down to poor recruitment.

It is not enough for a candidate to match the required skills sets of a job; good recruitment should be so much more. We invest a large amount of time to fully understand our clients’ and candidates’ attitudes, aspirations, motivators and behaviors to make sure no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of your success.

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digital interimA flexible work force is essential and to find the requisite skills you also need a specialist interim recruitment partner. Digital Freelance, part of The Digital Recruitment Company is exactly that, exclusively recruiting temporary and freelance digital jobs. This specialism ensures means we have a world class network of talented interim professionals at our fingertips. Whether you are bidding for a project, delivering on a contract or simply have a maternity or paternity leave to cover – we can respond to your needs immediately.

Through regular contact with our candidates and an exceptional knowledge of their skill sets we fill your freelance vacancies whatever your time scales or specialisms.

Traditionally temporary recruitment is very reactive. At The Digital Recruitment Company we see things differently; regular contact with candidates and clients ensures we can identify needs and solutions well in advance. There can be real cost savings to be gained by working with a recruitment partner that really understands your business.

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Executive Search & Premium Services

Executive Search at The Digital Recruitment Company provides you with a bespoke approach to recruiting the foremost senior talent and executives in the market.

A common theme within executive search is to apply a one size fits all methodology. We are different. It is essential not to ignore successful processes but it is even more important be able to adapt them to each client’s specific requirement.

Flexibility is crucial but a successful search is always dependent upon a thorough understanding of the project and strong attention to detail throughout. To achieve this we arrange our search into four general stages.

  • Research & Scoping
  • Formulation of Bespoke Solution
  • Search & Selection
  • Aftercare

Our Executive Digital Search Team does not bombard clients with over-complicated processes, irrelevant facts or clichéd recruitment jargon. We would much rather spend our time getting under the skin of your organisation and its people. It is only then that we can successfully apply our market knowledge and technical expertise.

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