Women In Digital – Sevil Ozer Crespo – Group Account Director at The Brooklyn Brothers

The Brooklyn Brothers – a global network designed for a modern world, with offices in New York, London, L.A., Shanghai and Sao Paulo. With a new approach, called Blockbuster Branding, the agency blends PR, social, digital, experiential, brand advertising and strategic prowess with the creativity of Hollywood to create work that entertains and generates itsRead More

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#YDLA Winners blog

If Friday the 25th of September is anything to go by, the future of the digital sector is most definitely going to be an interesting one. We hosted our first ever Young Digital Leader Awards to reward the top creative minds in the sector under the age of 30. We felt it important to lookRead More

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Where there are problems, there are services designers

Where there are problems, there are services designers. The role of a digital service designer can be a very confusing one. Better known as a creative problem solver, Markus Hohl believes a good digital service designer should be able to operate across various online and offline channels. They must be to deal with talking toRead More

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300 Apps a day

Recently I wrote a blog on Apple Pay coming to the UK, it has arrived and is accepted in more than 250,000 shops, but these near-field communication (NFC) chips are only embedded in iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watches. I decided to do a little survey in the office and see how many ofRead More

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The Football Season is Back… And so are the massive ad budgets!

Standing out in the advertising world is becoming increasingly difficult, be it online or offline. Clients are supplying ad agencies with millions to promote their brand in the best way possible over their well-established competitors. Every brand wants their videos to go viral, especially in the highly competitive sports industry. Budgets on ads are amongstRead More

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running track

Where are you, when creativity finds you?

The internet has given birth to so many businesses and has undoubtedly made (and broken) businesses of all sizes. Since then, technology has changed at an ever-growing pace and with each new wave of technology, a new opportunity has been created for businesses. The emerging trend this year is mobile, and most specifically, wearable tech.Read More

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Will Ad-blockers eventually kill the web?

OMG This Is So Annoying! Surely I am not the first to be reeled in by an enticing blog title only to then be bombarded by hordes of online pop ups and adverts. The internet has become a battle ground for advertisers but it is the reason we can view online content for free… withRead More

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Apple Pay is coming to the UK!

  As technology continues to be a growing part of our lives, we are so quick to register so much information into our smartphones and tablet without reading the small print or even reviews for that matter. We are constantly wary of identity theft. Is Apple Pay the answer? With the launch of Apple PayRead More

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How can Technology help us to overcome social issues?

The digital sector is such an evolving market and will no doubt continue to grow and create its own jobs. It will happen naturally. The real issue facing the government today is how to integrate digital to tackle social issues.   We have already seen how the digital sector has helped the government tackle publicRead More

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What Women in Digital think about Women in Digital

A couple of months ago I published the first edition to our “Women in Digital” campaign. The campaign has grown from strength to strength, attracting the interest of females from various organisations including Just Eat, E-consultancy and Fallon. We met with these women to discuss the issues surrounding women in the digital industry. The offeredRead More

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