Video Interviews

Video Interviews

One of the many innovations we are pushing forward with is Video Interviews. A Video Interview is a vital way of proving your talent to employers and making that best first impression. Selling yourself is especially important in the digital industry and being at the cutting edge of technology is something we as a company pride ourselves on. We also expect our candidates to be technologically-minded and we see the video interview as the perfect way of showing this.

Why Video Interviews: Candidates?

Time Saving: A video interview is a great way of being able to conduct an interview wherever you are in the world. It saves on travel costs and is friendlier to the environment.

Stand out from the crowd: Delivering a compelling video interview to an employer can be more effective than the face to face process. The process allows you to be concise and inject your personality into the answers you give, maximising your chances of getting that top job.

Quick Feedback: With our video interview service, prospective employers can share your interview with their colleagues and give you detailed feedback based on your video interview.

Why Video Interviews: Employers?

Once you’ve decided to take a candidate through to interview the usual interview process can be laborious; arranging a time to meet the candidate, preparing interview questions, conducting the interview itself and feeding back to relevant persons regarding the suitability of the candidate. With a Video Interview service all of this is eliminated!

Our Video Interview service is part of our commitment to making sure you hire the best candidates for your vacancies. It is a tool in addition to traditional face to face interviews that helps you as an employer save time and shortlist only the best candidates.

We can design a bespoke video interview or use our pre-approved questions. The process is simple and effective; the candidates provide their answers online and we can then share the videos with you so you can also get the best impression of the candidate.

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