General Tips

Applying for Roles

Select the Right Job to Apply For

Read the specification carefully and be honest with yourself, can you actually do all they are asking? It is tempting to apply for as many jobs as possible but this can lead to greater rejection, more time spent applying and a lot less quality in your application. Unless you can meet the essential criteria on a job advert 99 times out of 100 it is not worth applying.

Bespoke Your Application

If you follow the advice above you should have extra time to spend preparing your applications for those jobs you both actually want and can do. One hour spent preparing your CV and Covering Letter / Application for a job you want and can do is better spent than sending a generic application to 10 jobs you are not ideal for.

Check your CV before sending. If you know you meet the essential criteria make sure this is clear on your CV. Format it so these areas are near the top of each job so the reviewer does not have to search hard to see this.

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